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DMTV — Miami’s Premier Streaming Channel

#DefinitelyMiami is a Magazine and Lifestyle Television Network. Episodes and Programming highlight Greater Miami Metro Area Businesses, Neighborhoods and the Personalities that make them unique. Network shows focus on Food, Fashion, Fitness, Real Estate and the Personalities that make Miami…. #DefinitelyMiami. We bring you an insiders view of the Best of the Best! Currently Streaming on and also on all major TV platforms including ROKU, AMAZON FIRE, APPLE TV and GOOGLE PLAY (via the TIKILIVE app), averaging over 50,000 combined views daily.

Ronnie G and Tony T
Ronnie G and Tony T

#DefinitelyMiami activates and engages new audiences through our unique OTT Streaming Platform working together with influencers, embedded sponsors and personalities to create brand awareness and source new followers, customers and partners. WE seek to improve upon and continue to build the Miami brand WorldWide!

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Ronnie Eith was born and bred in New York and he carried the Energy and Vibe from NY down to Miami in 2012. He has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Always leading with high energy, crowds gather when he is around. Some days you can find him volunteering with the homeless and a few hours later he may be dining with a celebrity visiting from LA or NY. You never know what you can get with Ronnie G — he speaks three languages, dances salsa and has been involved with over $5 billion in Real Estate transactions over a 20 year banking career.

He started Definitely Miami with Tony Thomas on the Beach Channel, but he always had the vision to grow it into a streaming network featuring an insiders view of Miami. Together with Tony, they developed the strategy to grow it from a local show to an international platform showcasing Miami!

Tony Thomas was born in New York City. His parents from an early age engaged him in sports such as soccer, basketball and track. It was at this time that he embraced sports and naturally maintained an active lifestyle as a youth. Thriving in sports allowed him to earn a Division 1 scholarship and earn his degree. Moving to Miami, he continued his studies and become one of the most well known personal trainers in the Magic City. In addition to this, he has a law degree specializing in Legal Mediation and is also a certified Financial Advisor.

In 2018, Tony teamed with with Ronnie Eith and founded Definitely Miami as a TV show. Over the past few years, he has completed interviews and feature segments with many notable celebrities and athletes. He has been an integral part of growing Definitely Miami from a stand alone show, to a streaming network producing many different lifestyle themed shows in the Miami Metro Area.

Today, he balances all of his endeavors and is one of the most visible personalities in all of Miami.

“Miami Beach is a complete interesting hybrid because it is, on the one hand, a resort and, on the other hand a real city. This condition of a city and water on two sides I think is really amazing. And in the heart of that city, it has built an enormous convention center, and enormous physical presence.”
-Rern Koolhaus (International Architect)



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