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The importance of education

The process of knowing and learning is accomplished only in proximity of others. Travel and tourism also serve some extent to this objective. Even so, the information given in the form of introspection by mysterious forces contained in intervals of man should also not be forgotten. Even if they do not see any direct basis, there is the same truth in it, as in beginning and end of day, respectively, coming out of rising of sun and hiding in abyss.


In beginning, invention of fire was result of this endoscopy. one who had this phosphor, he used friction and discovered fire. Cutting and making clothes from her is so much knowledge that human beings must have started by introspection in beginning. language, script, pronunciation, even unrecognizable of uncommon number of uncommon and uncommon branches, and discoveries of inventions are possible on this basis. Once it has become a good thing, it is possible to make changes in that search-change, but where there is no direct basis, there can be an unconsciousness of this type, mysterious achievement of a person or a power.


By words ‘revelation’, words of scripture block of scriptures have been expressed as such achievement and it has been said that this mindset is prevalence of divine speech through a person. In this process, whether they are Prophet, whether they are angels or supernatural abilities, they are considered as symbols of tremendous thought flow, and they are expressed in the future, what is going to happen in the future. Such religions in every religion and community can be understood as a mysterious introspection.


Future-Knowledge Prophecy, Foreshadows are considered to be in this category. When it occurs in its alleged form it is assumed that it is not baseless. There must be some sure basis behind it. Regardless of this foundation of the future statement, whatever education has been considered, it has been considered as amazingly wonderful or divine. But now scientists have begun to accept that the current study is being told a lot about the future. In this regard, a separate branch of futurology has also been developed. If it is considered to be part of the prediction system, then there will be no exaggeration.


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