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The power of human intelligence

History tells us that the function of giving every imaginative, every unexpected event to the embodiment of the divine consciousness has been done through the medium of human intelligence. Politicians, social reformers, thinkers, fact seekers searching for the mysteries of nature, writers, poets, and musicians have also been getting inspiration for future work on this basis, even the natural inspiration that makes the impossible possible is born in unconscious And the Pyramids of Egypt, the Chinese Wall, Panama – the Suez Canal, the Holland, and the farming of the submerged land, etc. It is called successive. Those who had to create circulatory traditions for the postal system, notes, currency circulation or social system, they must also have been understood by the underlying understanding, they would have found the intricacies of the supreme truth. If the prophets speak of angels, then it is meant by such anomalies which have been shown to be illusory. Whose developed consciousness has been able to read the future.

The same intra-inspirational evolution consciousness is going to look forward to something in the future. There are two types of future narrations in the valley full of crises today. The one in which the next year and the beginning of the twenty-first century have been described as being threatened by the dangers and the other, in which the bright prospects have been revealed in connection with the future. They say that if the human effort is reversed, the direction change, the mistake can be improved, then it can sort out the potential calamities. Due to how dense black and frightening it is, the sharp wind shines from somewhere, rejects its horrors. This same thing also applies to human happiness. If he wants, he can change every future.

Bella presents the world humanity passing through, the change is about. Era change has also happened in the past, which can be named collectively developed consciousness. Looking at this deteriorating situation, the systematic arrangement for the arrangement of law fulfills the sacrifice of the spirited talents. Avatar is the name of this flow. These days, during the era of change of great age, new conditions can be seen to be manufactured. The requirement is that by identifying the time, their efforts should be sung for this purpose. This is the time to attain credit and become an associate of the incarnation process.



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